Roiling Boil

The berries tumble in the pan

Excited to give up their juice

Destined to roil till they’re jam.

The berries tumble into the pan

Sugar plum fairied, ready to dance

Their dresses flounced brightly with puce

The berries tumble in the pan

So ready to give up their juice


———- the Jam Goddess as poet


2 thoughts on “Roiling Boil

  1. Hi, we always enjoy your products. We will be travelling to Yukon in May to visit family and would like to introduce them to some jams. If you have some Black Current Jam, would like some of that, but we are not fussy as all are great.
    Look forward to hearing from you, we are Vic and Barb Bond in Okotoks.
    403 938 4795
    Thanks and Cheers

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