Jam in the Time of COVID 19

Hooray.  Hooray.  It’s the First of May.

Hello everyone:  The Millarville Market will resume in the middle of June.  Until then, I am happy to either deliver or to have you come and pick jam up.   If I deliver, I drop on your doorstep and ring the bell.  If you come here (and some people want to because they need to get out of the house for a drive somewhere, anywhere), I will leave on my front step.  Generally, people e-transfer me the money although if you want to pay cash, that is acceptable to me.  Let me know if you want to order jam for delivery or pickup.  My email address is jamgoddess@shaw.ca

4 thoughts on “Jam in the Time of COVID 19

  1. Just came back from spruce meadows and blew my son’s mind on your bubblegum, and root beer jelly loved them!!! What a surprise thanks again for the experience. He really didn’t believe me that it would actually taste like it’s names

  2. Hi! Are you a till delivering in Calgary at this time or is the millarvill market still open. We’re looking to purchase 6 jars.
    Please let me know.

    • Hello Meg: I am still delivering. The Market is scheduled to open the middle of June but that’s up in the air at this point so I will definitely deliver for the foreseeable future.

      I am going to write to you under your gmail address as well and you could let me know which jams you want and then we can work out a delivery time.

      Irene aka Jam Goddess

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