Jams, Jellies and Marmalades

Welcome to my product list (updated on December 8, 2016. 

I will deliver in Calgary but only for a minimum of three jars.  You are also welcome to come and pick it up.

All jam is $12 a jar.  Jars are 250 ml.

Apricot & Vanilla Jam:   Apricot, sugar, lemon juice, vanilla pod

Balsamic Pear with Spices:   Sold Out.  Pear, sugar, apple juice, balsamic vinegar, honey, cinnamon, anise, peppercorns, cardamom

Balsamic Strawberry with Pepper:  Sold Out.  Sugar, strawberry, balsamic vinegar, pectin, black pepper

Blackberry with Chardonnay:  Blackberry, sugar, Chardonnay wine, lemon juice

Blueberry Sambuca Jam:  Blueberry, sugar, Sambuca, lemon juice

Blue Rodeo Jam I saw Jim Cuddy at an event we both attend yearly for Literacy.  He graciously gave his permission for me to name this jam in honour of my favourite Canadian Band:  Blueberry & blackberry & black currant, sugar, lemon juice

Cherry Chipotle:   Sugar, cherries, chipotle, Habanero peppers, lemon juice

Crabapple Butter:   Crabapples, sugar, apple cider, spices

Crème de Cassis Jam:  Sold Out.  Black  currant, sugar, Crème de Cassis, lemon

Damson Plum Jam:  Damson plums, sugar

Dinosaur Egg Plum JamSold Out.  Sugar, Dinosaur Egg  Plums, lemon juice, pectin.  (No dinosaur eggs were cracked in the making of this jam)

Double Apricot:  Sold Out.  Fresh and Dried Apricots, sugar, white wine, lemon juice

Double Cherry:  Sugar, red cherry, Nanking cherry, lemon juice, pectin

Heavenly Jam:   Peach & Pear & Apple, sugar, Orange, Lemon, Ginger.  A 300 year old Mennonite recipe.  Very lovely and subtle.

Mango PeachSold Out.  Sugar, Peach & Mango, lemon juice, pectin

Naked Gooseberry Jam:    Almost Sold Out.  Gooseberry, sugar, lemon juice

Red Gooseberry Jam:  Sold Out.  Red Gooseberry, sugar, lemon juice.  Quite different than green gooseberry with a deep flavour.

Naked Raspberry Jam:  (Won first prize in Raspberry/Strawberry Jams and the Priddis and Millarville Fair 2012):    Raspberry, sugar, lemon juice

Naked Strawberry:    Sold Out.  Sugar, strawberries, lemon juice, pectin

Pickled Strawberry: Sold Out. Strawberry, sugar, vinegar, salt, pectin, cardamom, coriander.  This very unusual jam is more of a savoury condiment

Pina Colada Jam:   Sugar, pineapple, coconut cream, white rum, pectin

Raspberry and Habanero Jam:  Raspberry, sugar, lemon juice, Habanero pepper

Raspberry & Chocolate: Sold Out.  Raspberry, sugar, dark chocolate, lemon juice

Retro Peach:   Peaches, sugar, apple juice, Maraschino Cherry

Rhubarb with Rosemary and  Honey – won first prize in Other Jams in the Priddis & Millarville Fair 2012:  Sold Out.  Rhubarb, sugar, Greidanus Alberta clover honey, rosemary

Plum Jam with Anise:   Italian  prune plums, sugar, lemon juice, Star Anise

Sour Cherry:  Sugar, sour cherries, lemon juice, pectin

Strawberry & Kiwi:  Kiwi & Strawberry, sugar, lemon juice

Strawberry Rhubarb:  Strawberries & Rhubarb, sugar, lemon juice

Uptown Saskatoon:  Sold Out.  Sugar, Saskatoon berry, Grand Marnier, orange juice, lemon juice, pectin

Vanilla Pear with Pine Nuts:  Sold Out.  Pear, sugar, apple juice, pine nuts, lemon juice, vanilla pod


Habanero Gold Pepper Jelly (Medium Hot):    Sugar, vinegar, white grape juice, dried apricots, Habanero peppers, red and orange pepper, pectin

NayPom Jelly (Hot Hot):  Sold Out.  Sugar, Pomegranate juice, vinegar, red peppers, dried apricots, Habanero peppers, pectin

Quince Jelly:   Sugar, quince juice, lemon juice

Crabapple Jelly: Crabapple juice, sugar

Crabapple Chili Jelly:  Crabapple juice, sugar, habanero pepper, cayenne

Crabapple Butter:  Crabapple, sugar, Cider, spices

Gewurztraminer Wine Jelly:  Sold out. Sugar, Gewurztraminer wine, pectin

Cranberry Sauce with Grand Marnier: Sold Out.  Cranberry, sugar, orange juice, Grand Marnier

Chokecherry Jelly:   Sold Out.  Chokecherry juice, sugar, lemon juice, pectin

Mint Jelly:  Mint infusion, sugar, lemon juice, pectin


Meyer Lemon Marmalade  – 1st Prize in Marmalades and Best of Section for Canning – Priddis & Millarville Fair 2012:  I only heard about Meyer Lemons once I started reading the Harvest Forum. I managed to find some this year after my dentist alerted me to their presence at Costco.  I believe, like apricots, Meyer Lemons exist to give their lives to marmalade.  It’s heavenly – just the perfect balance between bitter and sweet.  With that lovely under note of orange:  Sugar, Meyer Lemon

Lime Marmalade:  Sugar, limes, lemon juice

Whiskey Marmalade:  Sugar, grapefruit, orange, lemon, whiskey

Seville Orange Marmalade with Scotch:  Sugar, Seville Oranges, Scotch Whiskey

Oxford Marmalade:   White and Muscavado sugar, Seville oranges

Oh My Darling Marmalade:   Sugar, white peach, Clementine orange, lemon juice

Ginger Marmalade:   Sugar, organic apple juice, fresh ginger, candied ginger, lemon juice, pectin

Grapefruit & Honey Marmalade:  Sugar, grapefruit, Greidanus Honey

Alice’s 14 Carrot Marmalade – Sorry, sold out.  I loved my great Aunt Alice. She kept me once for a week when my baby sister was being born so I probably always felt that attachment. I recently obtained this recipe from her daughter and thought it would be a nice thing to make in her honour.  It also passed the yumminess test:  Sugar, carrot, orange, lemon




30 thoughts on “Jams, Jellies and Marmalades

    • Irene could I please order the following jams:

      Whiskey Marmalade
      Margarita Jelly
      Blueberry Sambuca
      Can I pick it up at work. Just let me know and I can pick it up from your office and leave you the money. Thanks Denise 403 286-5509

    • Hello Kacie: If you live in Alberta, yes of course you can order some jams. Let me know what you want and where you are. I do deliveries in the Calgary area on Tuesdays.

  1. Sad that a few I’d quite like are sold out! And would love to see a straight-up ginger jam with a real bite to it. But want to order:
    Mango Lime
    Oh My Darling
    Deeply Red
    Pina Colada
    Please advise of total costs (including shipping to US) and preferred payment method.


    • Hello: Thank you so much for your interest. I am so sorry to have to tell you that I am not allowed to sell my jam outside my home province of Alberta owing to Health Regulations. Again, thank you for your interest. If you are ever in Calgary, let me know.


    • Samantha: Yes – you can order them from me. I respond to all jam emergencies. lol
      I will be at the Winter Club on Wednesday, Nov 21 if you want to come see me there. Otherwise, send me a list of what you need and your address and we’ll work something out in terms of delivery.
      If you need raspberry chocolate, you’d best let me know. I only made a very small amount. Seriously – no sales ploy here.

      Looking forward to hearing from you


  2. Hi Jam Goddess (Irene),
    I have received your jams, from Gretha, for Christmas. We usually go away in Oct. Down south. I would like to order some jams, etc. for Christmas presents & hostess gifts. I have looked on your site, is this current as to your jam status? Please email me back with possible suggestions as to what you have available and would recommend, I will also speak with Gretha. Thank you so much, Deb Jans.

    • Hello Deborah: I will have most of my flavours restocked by the end of August. I will keep this site updated weekly as I get things made with my faithful sous chef, Caitlin.
      Perhaps you’d like to come over sometime and do some tasting to give you an idea of what you might like to get for gifts? Let me know

      Irene aka Jam Goddess

  3. Hi Irene,
    I used to work with Sandy and one of the signs of Christmas became receiving your jam as a present from her. Alas, now that she is retired I am on my own. I live in Cochrane but could arrange to pick up my order. Here it is
    Naked raspberry 1 jar
    Balsamic pear with spices 3 jars
    Blueberry sambuca 1 jar
    Rhubarb rosemary honey 2 jars

    • Hello Shirley: I am sorry to tell you that while I have the Raspberry and the Blueberry, I am sold right out of the other two kinds.
      Is there something else you might like? I will be posting when I make the Pear again but the Rhubarb will not be available now until May.


  4. Hi! My daughter just finished off the Naked Raspberry Jam I bought at the Canmore Christmas Fair….We NEED more!!! My gosh it is delicious! She says that she has never tasted any jam so good before and she knows her food.
    I would like to order 6 jars asap…How do I go about doing that, Jam Goddess?


  5. Hello
    I am with the Canadian Grain Elevator Discovery Centre in which we are looking for some products for our gift shop, and I have a few basic questions about you and your products.
    1. are you located in southern Alberta?
    2. do your products require refrigeration?
    3. do you have wholesale pricing for resellers.
    We are interested in carrying local products within a 100km radius, this is following a so called diet called the 100km diet where you only purchase products from within your region, this is based on a story done in the Harrow country life in March 2011. we want to follow this pattern as much as possible. I hope that we are able to work together to provide people in our community and our visitors with quality local products.

    Thank you

  6. Hi Irene, you won’t remember me, but we met last year at the Millarville fair and I bought gewürztraminer jelly to take back to Toronto. We plan to go to the fair if it’s open on Sunday and I hope you will put the following aside for me:
    1 raspberry and habanero jam, 1 blackberry gewürztraminer jam, 1 pina colada jam, and 1 meyer lemon marmalade. If the weather is doing something awful on the Sunday, I will be in touch with you and have you deliver or we could pick it up. Thank you, Vera Reed

    • Hello Vera: Nice to hear from you again. I will be happy to set those aside for you. Just so you know though, the Millarville Market is on Saturdays, 9 to 2. Hope to see you soon

      • Thanks Irene, we weren’t sure about Millarville. My granddaughter has several things going on on the Saturday, so we can’t make it to the fair. How can I get in touch with you re pick up/delivery?
        Thanks, Vera

  7. I would like to buy one each Naked Gooseberry andUptown Saskatoon.

    Please advise how this can be done if I can’t get out to your market. I live in Tuscany, NW Calgary.

    – Richard

  8. I’m looking to purchase more jam (green fig and vanilla). What is the best way to do this? Please let me know. Thx Susan K

  9. Hi,

    I’d love to order 8 of the Creme de Cassis jams from you. Can you let me know what you need from me? (I live in Okotoks.)


  10. Hi Irene,
    I have shopped and decided on Double Cherry x 2 and Raspberry Chocolate x2 and will need to pay you the difference at the exchange maybe next week.

  11. I’m desperate for a jar of Cherry Chipotle jam….. and I think I should try the Raspberry and Habanero. Oh, and Rustic Fig with Orange. I’m in the S.W. Killarney/Glengarry area. Is it possible to either have you deliver or I can pickup.

  12. Hi Irene,

    I’m considering picking up a couple of jars from you this week, if you available. Just curious which part of Calgary (better yet, neighbourhood) you live in to see if it fits into my travels over the next day or two. Thanks!

  13. Looking to buy some strawberry rhubarb jam before Christmas. Please give me a call if this will work. I can pick it up.
    Matt (403)863-5524

  14. I am placing the following order. Do you still deliver?

    Two jars of Ginger Marmalade and Double Cherry Jam

    One jar of each of the following:
    Apricot & Vanilla Jam
    Blackberry with Chardonnay Jam
    Blueberry Sambucca Jam
    Damson Plum Jam
    Double Cherry Jam
    Naked Gooseberry Jam (substitute Strawberry Rhubarb Jam if Gooseberry is sold out)
    Strawberry Rhubarb Jam
    Crabapple Jelly
    Meyer Lemon Marmalade

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