Two Cups of Jam and other Recipes

I used to write a column called “Two Cups of Jam” for Food and Wine Trails Magazine out of Kelowna.  I amended recipes for beginning jam makers, or jam makers who do not want to make 8 jars of anything.  Also, for jam makers who do not want to invest in the tools and pots and such to make large quantities of jam.   Those recipes are fairly easy, do not require purchased pectin, and can be stored in your fridge in any old jar you have washed well and held in a 250 degree oven for 10 minutes.

With those recipes, it’s important to remember that taste trumps texture meaning if it tastes good, don’t worry too much if it’s a little runny.

Having done those recipes, I am also adding others.  Particularly those that cause a lot of trouble.  Yes Choke Cherry – I’m looking at you.

Happy Jamming


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