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Hello everyone:  You can find me every Saturday, June 17th through the Thanksgiving Weekend in 2017 at the Millarville Farmers Market, south of Calgary.  It is a great market – over 150 vendors.  Not to mention a lovely day trip.  There is something about leaving the city and seeing the mountains that just lifts one’s spirits.    Not to mention Nonna’s donuts.

If you are in a critical jam deficit situation, email me or comment on this website and we’ll see if we can hook you up.


41 thoughts on “Where to buy Jam Goddess products

    • Hello Verynne: If I am here (and I usually am) I am happy to deliver.
      Just send me an email when you are coming.

      Irene aka Jam Goddess

  1. Hello Irene,

    I would love some more jam….I bought an armful at the Canmore high school! Delicious!!

    I’d like to order 8 or 10 kinds.

    How do you take payment?

    Is it best to order a certain quantity, in regards to shipping cost?



    • Hello May: Yes, I’m at Millarville all summer and the Christmas Market. The summer market is on Saturdays from 9 to 2. I’m under the grandstand on the west end. Introduce yourself when you come – I’d love to meet you. Irene

  2. Hi Irene, are you back in Millarville this summer and do you have any new stock yet or still mostly sold out of the favs?

    • Hi Pam: I am back at Millarville and am busy replenishing my stock as fruit comes into season. I’ll update the site today and try to keep it current as I get more made.


    • Hello Melissa: I am done Christmas Markets as of yesterday. The only place you can get them now is to order them directly from me. I can deliver them to you within a reasonable distance. I live in Calgary. If that works for you, let me know.

      Thanks for your interest

      Irene aka Jam Goddess

  3. I would like to order some Jam from you. I just finished my green fig vanilla jam and I’d like to get some more.

    Could we connect?



    • Hello Heather: I am so sorry but I’m out of Green Fig now for the season. Should have more this summer. If you subscribe to my blog, it lets you know when there is a new post and you’ll find out then when I have it again. I promise I don’t inundate anyone.

      Irene aka Jam Goddess

  4. Hello!

    I was so excited to find out that you had a website, but then so disappointed to see that I can’t find your jams at one of the local farmer’s markets. However, I cannott get over how much in love I am with the Vanilla Pear Jam with Pine Nuts that you make, and have unfortunately finished my last jar. Is there any way I can place an order for more of it either now or in the near future?

    Thank you so much,

    Leanne Lotzer

    • Hello Leanne: I am so sorry to tell you that I’m out of Vanilla Pear at the present. It turned out to be the runaway hit of the summer season. I will let you know as soon as I make more.

    • Hello Colleen:
      I don’t have any right now, I’m sorry to say. I sold out but should have some by the middle of September. Check back and I will update the website when I have it.

  5. I just had a birthday party where I served your habanera jelly. So many people wanted to know how to get it. Do you sell anywhere other than the Christmas Market? Do you take private orders?

    • Hello Richard: I am sorry. Right now I’m sold out. I don’t think I’ll get to making any more until October. I’ll let you know when I have it again. Thank you so much for writing.

      Irene aka Jam Goddess

    • Hello Heather: I have chokecherry jelly. I am at the Millarville Market on Saturdays. Alternatively, contact me and perhaps I can deliver some to you.

  6. I bought a jar of chokecherry jelly at the Millarville Market today. Many years ago, we used to pick wild chokecherries around our farm. Mom made delicious jelly from them, as well as chokecherry syrup – which is delious on pancakes or waffles! Your jelly is just as good as Mom’s, and it brought back a lot of memories. Thank you! I’ll be back for more!

    • Gale: How lovely of you to write. I am glad it is like your memory of it. Jam is so evocative to any of us who grew up with mothers who canned (and sometimes fathers). I know I get thrown back to quarts of jam lining the shelves in her makeshift cold cellar. I look forward to seeing you again

  7. Hello. My name is Candace Boudreau, and I am the producer of The Vixens of Vintage Markets. I’ve just been hired by Big Rock Brewery to produce a market at their birthday bash on the 26th. I said the only way I’d take on the project at such a late stage was if I could offer the vendors an incentive to participate. Free booth space……they agreed!! I think you’d be an amazing fit. Bands beer gardens free brekkie food trucks etc I’d really love for you or consider taking a space.

  8. Hello!
    I bought “Oh My Darling Marmelade” at Spruce Grove last weekend and it was a huge hit at my house! I was wondering if I could buy 3 more bottles from you – I am in the NW so I would like to avoid driving back to Spruce Grove if possible, but would be happy to meet you somewhere in the city. I am headed to NB on Dec 9 for Christmas and would love to take some with me …
    Is this possible please?

  9. Time to deliver all your goodies….can we arrange a time for delivery? So looking forward to once again spreading the good news about your amazing jams!

    • I was driving through your neighbourhood yesterday and realized, to my horror, that I had forgotten about your order. I could deliver it tonight if you are going to be home or tomorrow between 5 and 5:30.

  10. Do you make ginger jelly? I’m looking for some for June and I will be in the NE of Calgary on June 4 (a.m.) and could pick it up. Thanks!

  11. Hello
    I was wanting to share some information with you about an upcoming Christmas Market & Family Festival that I am planning in High River. I am working hard to have local handcrafters & artisans, handmade goods as vendors, and want to ensure I am able to reach as many as possible.

  12. Hi there, I was wondering if I could order a couple jellies from you?
    The Habanero Gold Pepper Jelly, and the Crabapple Chili Jelly please!

  13. I would like to order a couple of Jars of Quice Jam but I’m not sure how to order. Would you please contact me at my email address? Thanks so much

    • Hello: I will deliver in the Calgary region for an order of 3 or more jars. Mailing is quite expensive and costs about $20 for three jars. That would bring the total to $56 for three jars of jelly.

      Jam Goddess

  14. Hello, I work with seniors with Alzheimers and Dementia and a lady asked me for choke cherry jam. She used to make it in her younger days and they never have any at the facility where she lives now. I was referred to you. Can you help me?

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