The Art of Jam

and the art of fixing it when something goes wrong.  I will devote this page to tips and things I have picked up along the way.  I hope you will jump in and make suggestions as well because as we all know, things go wrong.  Many times, this is due to things we cannot control and aren’t even aware of.  Maybe the apricots on that side of the tree got more wind.  Perhaps those strawberries got way too much rain.  The apples were picked too late.  All these things can affect how the jam turns out.


1.  Patience is the key.  Remember, it’s easier to spend 5 more minutes cooking the jam and testing for doneness than it is to empty the jars back into a pot, wash, resterilize, recook the jam and rejar.

2.  Patience again.  Sometimes jams with pectin can take a few days to weeks to set up.  Marmalades can take up to 6 weeks.  It’s murder waiting but again, better to wait than recook for no reason.

3.  Always make sure all the sugar is dissolved before the jam starts to boil.  This avoids sugaring once the jar is open a long time down the road.

4.  If you can, convert to weights.  I weigh almost everything – it’s far more accurate.

5.  If in doubt, read, read, read.  The National Centre for Home Food Preservation in the US has some very good guidelines to keep canning safe.







7 thoughts on “The Art of Jam

  1. Sounds like a fun thing to do – I have done this ‘in my past life’, but not now, although your ‘2-cup’ jams/marmalades look intriguing. Am hosting a Wellness Expo in Abbotsford and still looking for Exhibitors. Don’t know where you are situated – any interest in attending? – it is a family affair.

    • Hello: I wish I could attend but I’m in Calgary and it’s far. Jam doesn’t like to travel in the heat, although having said that, I’m not sure what time of year you are going this. When you say family affair, what do you mean?

  2. Hello JamGodess,
    I met you today at Millarville Farmer’s Market and you gave me some advice on how to fix my sour cherry jam that did not set (good possibility I forgot to add the lemon juice). I redid it in the 5 – 250 ml batches as you suggested. I have high hopes now as the bit that was left and put into a small container for immediate consumption has already set.
    Thank you so much for your help….so glad I attended the market today.

    cheers, Hope

    • Hope: Thanks for letting me know. I am crossing my fingers but if one little bit set, the rest will likely set too. If it helps any, I made Double Cherry two weeks ago and most of it took 10 days to set. Sometimes I think that knowing how to fix your jam when it didn’t work out is the most important part… Take care and happy Jam Making


  3. Hi JamGoddess,

    Last night I purchased three jars of your marmalade and cracked open the whiskey marmalade this morning. What wonderful thick rinds, just like my gran made it years ago! Thank you for sharing your passion and creating this divine marmalade! I am in marmalade bliss.

    I will buy no other marmalade if I can help it, I found my goddess of jam.

    Kind regards,

    • Hello Karin: How lovely of you to say that. I do love making people happy. Introduce yourself to me the next time you come to my booth. Merry Christmas

      Jam Goddess

    • P.S. Originally, the marmalade was thick cut because my knife skills suck. Then I found out people liked it like that.

      Happy accidents are a good thing.

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